Low Carb Foods

The articles here are all about the best foods for low carb.

Which foods are highest in iron, magnesium, or even polyphenols?

And what are the best fruits and vegetables which are also low in carbohydrate?

Low Carb Foods

What Exactly Are “Low Carb Foods”?

This is a good question and it is one that causes confusion for many people.

To be honest, what constitutes a “low carb food” very much depends on personal interpretation.

Sweet potatoes are very low carb compared to grains, but then they contain a huge amount of carbohydrate if we measure them against spinach.

So, rather than looking at an exact definition for every food, it’s more about the total amount of carbs we consume during the whole day.

For a low carb diet, we should generally aim for somewhere around 100g as an upper limit.

On the other hand, very low carb diets such as the ketogenic diet are typically 30-50g maximum.

Therefore, when judging whether a food is low carb we should think about if it can fit into the total carbohydrate allowance for the day.

In this section of the website, we look at various foods which meet these criteria.

You will be able to see an analysis of their nutritional profiles and any heath benefits (or concerns) that you should know about.

The Best Low Carb Foods

Generally speaking, the basis of a healthy and well-implemented low carb diet may focus on the following foods;

Type of Food Examples
Dairy Cheese, cream, milk, yogurt.
Fish All fish – preferably include oily fish.
Fruit Low sugar fruits – especially avocado, berries.
Leafy Greens All leafy green vegetables.
Meat All meat whether both poultry or red meat.
Root Vegetables Beets, carrots, garlic, onions. Not too many.
Starches/Tubers In small amounts – potato/sweet potato.

Typically, the bulk of low carb diets come from the first five groups on the list.

However, small amounts of root vegetables and tubers are OK providing they fit into the total carb count.