Picture of a Man Holding His Whey Protein Shake.

Are Protein Shakes Good For You? (and the Healthiest Options)

These days, protein shakes are mainstream, and everyone from young women to elderly men use them. While choosing real food sources of protein is always preferable, these supplements can be a convenient way to consume...
Satiety is the Difference Between Dietary Success and Failure.

The Importance of Satiety: Feeling Satiated Controls Food Cravings

All around the world, millions of people are on highly restrictive lose-weight-quick schemes to improve their health. The problem? These diets are just one of many nutrition mistakes people make. Most of them fail, and the...
Picture of High Protein Sources of Food

29 High Protein Snacks That Keep You Feeling Full

Popular diet plans like paleo, Atkins, and some low carb diets are typically higher in both protein and fat. One advantage of this is that protein is by far the most satiating out of all...
Salt is Utterly Essential: Here's Why Sodium Deficiency Destroys Health

Sodium Deficiency: How it Destroys Our Health (and the Salt Fix)

Salt is an essential nutrient for our health, yet health authorities often urge us to reduce our intake over blood pressure concerns. There is a misconception that we should all reduce salt intake as much...
Pictures of 11 Graphs Showing Potential Causes of the Obesity Epidemic

11 Striking Graphs: Could Dietary Advice Be Fueling Obesity and Disease?

Obesity and chronic disease are a modern day plague. Everywhere we look people are telling us what we should and shouldn't eat to protect our health. However, it is important to realize that not all health...
Picture of a Woman Avoiding Cheese. 19 Non-Dairy, Calcium-Rich Foods Article.

19 Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium-Rich Foods

Dairy foods such as whole milk and cheese are the most significant sources of calcium. However, some people cannot consume dairy due to either allergies, sensitivities, or personal choice. This article will provide a list of nineteen calcium-rich...