Articles relating to vitamins and minerals.

Recent Research Suggests That Vitamin Supplementation Has Some Health Dangers.

The Dark Side of Supplementation: More Cancer and Heart Disease?

Similar to fruit and vegetables, we tend to associate the word 'vitamin' with health. Go to any health store, and you'll see employees waiting to guide you through the latest vitamins and supplements. Mainstream magazines and...
Salt is Utterly Essential: Here's Why Sodium Deficiency Destroys Health

Sodium Deficiency: How it Destroys Our Health (and the Salt Fix)

Salt is an essential nutrient for our health, yet health authorities often urge us to reduce our intake over blood pressure concerns. There is a misconception that we should all reduce salt intake as much...
Picture of a Woman Avoiding Cheese. 19 Non-Dairy, Calcium-Rich Foods Article.

19 Non-Dairy Food Sources of Calcium

Dairy foods such as whole milk and cheese are the most significant sources of calcium. However, some people cannot consume dairy due to either allergies, sensitivities, or personal choice. This article will provide a list of nineteen calcium-rich...
Vitamin K2 Benefits

Vitamin K2: Why It’s Essential To Health

Vitamin K2 is the essential nutrient for health that almost no-one knows about. Despite this lack of public knowledge, vitamin K2 deficiency can be devastating for your cardiovascular - and overall - health. This article will...