Articles looking at the link between nutrition and health and how to make healthier choices.

Here Are Some Unhealthy Foods to Avoid to Get Healthier.

13 Unhealthy Foods to Avoid For Better Health

There are thousands of different foods available to us, and each one has a unique composition. Since all foods can either positively or negatively affect our body, this makes a healthy diet essential for optimal...
Satiety is the Difference Between Dietary Success and Failure.

The Importance of Satiety: Feeling Satiated Controls Food Cravings

All around the world, millions of people are on highly restrictive lose-weight-quick schemes to improve their health. The problem? These diets are just one of many nutrition mistakes people make. Most of them fail, and the...
Picture of a baby being fed with commercial baby food

Unhealthy Ingredients in Commercial Baby Food (and Better Options)

Nutrition is so important and particularly so in the first years of life. Seeing the advertisements, it appears that a wide range of companies is making nutritious, health-promoting baby food. However, this isn't fully accurate. In fact, many...
Picture showing sugar - harmful food additives in processed food.

11 Harmful Food Additives Hiding in Processed Food

The modern world is full of processed foods everywhere we look. Unfortunately, these are the very opposite of what we need for good health. While some of these are relatively benign, others contain ingredients that have...
Picture of a lady with food addiction

The Dangers of Food Addiction (and How To Beat It)

The evidence for various types of food addiction has been increasing over recent years. Nutritional choices play a large role in these conditions. While some people maintain that obese people are simply greedy and don't care...
Best Nutrition Books For a Rainy Day

9 Best Nutrition Books For a Rainy Day

There are many great books on nutrition out there. This article will list some of the best nutrition books for understanding how food affects our health. Some of these books are related to nutrition politics, others...