How to gain weight the healthy way

How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

Do you want to gain weight? Given how most nutrition articles focus on fat loss, maybe you feel in a minority there. The usual advice for weight gain is just to eat a higher amount of...
Vitamin K2 Benefits

Vitamin K2: Why It’s Essential To Health

Vitamin K2 is the essential nutrient for health that almost no-one knows about. Despite this lack of public knowledge, vitamin K2 deficiency can be devastating for your cardiovascular - and overall - health. This article will...
10 Ways Soda (and Sugary Drinks) Are Destroying Your Health

10 Ways Soda (and Sugary Drinks) Are Destroying Your Health

Soda remains a popular drink across society. When our children have a birthday party, it's usually everywhere. Meal deals at different restaurants include it. It's heavily promoted and sponsors most significant sporting events. It's ever-present in...

5 Health Benefits of Eating Fermented Food

Long consumed by humans, fermented food has been a dietary staple for thousands of years. But why has fermented food always enjoyed such popularity? Was it just a way to preserve food before refrigeration was...
What Do Nutritionists Really Eat?

What Do Nutritionists Really Eat? (With Pictures)

What do nutritionists really eat? It's a question many people are curious about, and last year we got one answer when a nutritionist shared pictures of everything she ate in a day on Business Insider. If you...
Biggest weight loss mistakes - how to avoid them

The 5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Many people want to lose weight, and some go to great lengths to slim down. Some people even experiment with extreme (and possibly dangerous) diet plans to lose a few extra pounds. But what if there...