Picture of low carb fast food

Low Carb Fast Food: 9 Healthier Choices on the Go

Traditionally, fast food and health belong in very different sentences. However, changing consumer trends are driving healthier offerings from restaurants. While it's much healthier to make your own food, knowing somewhere near you with a low...
Feature image for article: reasons saturated fat is good food you.

9 Reasons Saturated Fat is Good For You

Yes, you read the title right - saturated fat is good for you. Unfortunately, this type of fat has an undeserved reputation for 'clogging arteries' and making us fat. However, there are many reasons why saturated fats...
Picture showing sugar - harmful food additives in processed food.

11 Harmful Food Additives Hiding in Processed Food

The modern world is full of processed foods everywhere we look. While some of these are relatively benign, others contain ingredients that have disastrous effects on our health. Some of these food additives have links to all sorts...
Picture of a lady with food addiction

The Dangers of Food Addiction (and How To Beat It)

The evidence for various types of food addiction has been increasing over recent years. While some people maintain that obese people are simply greedy and don't care about their health, this narrow-minded view is simply...
Picture of butter in coffee

Butter in Coffee: Is it Really Bulletproof?

Bulletproof coffee first hit the scenes in 2009 and since that time has grown beyond recognition. From one man blogging about putting butter in coffee to a national chain, the rise has been immense. Many people...
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Can’t Lose Weight? Try These Healthy Food Swaps That Really Work

Some people can't lose weight but will do anything to get rid of a few pounds. Whether that's restricting calories, eating nothing but tomatoes all day, or some arbitrary point-counting exercise, most people try a...