Picture of a grim reaper for article on hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance

Hyperinsulinemia: The World’s Biggest Killer?

When we think about the world's biggest killer, different things come to mind. Guns? Or possibly heart disease, cancer, or maybe even dementia? Well, those three chronic diseases are all good bets. But what if they are...
Picture for article: hidden sugars fuel chronic disease: how to avoid them

Dangerous Hidden Sugars: How to Avoid Them

Hidden sugars are everywhere. Sugar plays an influential role in the development of chronic disease, so it's important to realize how prevalent it is. Even many health-conscious people are eating significant amounts of sugar without realizing. This...
13 Nutrition Mistakes People Make That Harm Health

13 Nutrition Mistakes That Destroy Health

Nutrition can be very confusing. For instance, pick up a newspaper in the morning, and you may read about how eggs are good for you. And then just as you're getting started on your omelet for...
Picture of a carb blocker - is using white kidney bean extract a good idea?

Carb Blockers: Are They a Good or Bad Idea?

Recently, the idea of low carb is extremely popular for losing weight. So much so that some people are turning to supplements that act as dietary carbohydrate blockers. Following endorsements from celebrity doctors such as Dr....
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What is the Best Oil For Deep Frying?

A little earlier we looked at the best oils for high heat cooking. But what about fat specifically for deep frying? Of course, deep frying is far from the healthiest cooking method. But some people enjoy deep...
Picture of low carb fast food

Low Carb Fast Food: 9 Healthier Choices on the Go

Traditionally, fast food and health belong in very different sentences. However, changing consumer trends are driving healthier offerings from restaurants. While it's much healthier to make your own food, knowing somewhere near you with a low...