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Picture of pork rinds, main image for article on the best oil for deep frying

What is the Best Oil For Deep Frying?

There are many different kinds of cooking fats. But what about fat specifically for deep frying? Of course, deep frying is far from the healthiest cooking method. But some people enjoy deep fried food from time to...
Picture of butter in coffee

Butter in Coffee: Is it Really Bulletproof?

Bulletproof coffee first hit the scenes in 2009 and since that time has grown beyond recognition. From one man blogging about putting butter in coffee to a national chain, the rise has been immense. Many people...
Picture showing different types of berries.

20 Types of Berries and Their Health Benefits

Not only are berries incredibly tasty, but they are also one of those foods universally recognized as healthy. They are certainly the healthiest type of fruit in the world. Whatever dietary system people follow, meat-eater or...
Picture of sauteed mushrooms

Sauteed Mushrooms: How To Saute For Incredible Taste

Mushrooms have been prepared by humans for thousands of years. They have a broad range of health benefits, taste great, and they fit in well with LCHF, paleo, and other real-food based diets. In particular, sauteed...
Picture of low carb dark chocolate bars,

8 Best Dark Chocolate Bars – All Low Carb & Super Tasty

If you don't love chocolate, then you're definitely in the minority. A food popular since the ancient days of Mexico, it remains a societal treasure to this day. However, not all chocolate is made the same,...
Guacamole Nutrition

A Complete Guide to Guacamole: the Delicious Mexican Side

As the popularity of avocados grows, so does the use of guacamole. An ethnic Mexican dish, guacamole is made from the fruit of an avocado and comes in many different shapes and sizes. But there is...