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How Does a Diet of Steak and Eggs Affect Our Health?

Steak and Eggs: An Old-School Diet For Weight Loss?

With all the hype about zero carb and carnivorous diets in recent times, this article takes a look at a diet from the 1950's. Dubbed the 'steak and eggs diet,' this particular eating plan was...
A Perfectly Cooked Beef Dinner.

11 Health Benefits of Eating Beef

A generation or two ago, our parents and grandparents viewed beef as a nutritious health food. But now? These days it's much different, and opinion is split between whether beef is healthful or harms our health. Some...
Three Types of Olives on a Table.

26 Types of Olives: A Guide to the Healthy High-Fat Fruit

Olives are a high-fat fruit and they are full of beneficial compounds.With a deep mythological history, they were---so the story goes---a gift to humankind from the Greek goddess Athena.Now, there are hundreds of varieties...

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

People have cultivated the cacao bean (Theobroma cacao seeds) for millennia. It has long been known for its health properties, and even ancient tribes like the Mayans and Aztecs valued it. While ancient peoples used cacao...
An Article Looking At Healthy Fish Rich in Omega-3.

9 Fatty Fish High in Omega-3 (and Low in Mercury)

We always hear that we should get more omega-3 in our diets. There is a good reason for this too; the modern diet is extremely high in pro-inflammatory omega-6, yet low in anti-inflammatory omega-3. As the...
Picture of a Meat Grinder Processing Ground Meat.

Best Meat Grinders: Homemade Burgers and Sausages Made Easy

Ground beef, burgers, and sausages are some of the most common meat products we keep in our households. They're rather good for us too! However, when we buy these goods, we are very much limited to...