About Nutrition Advance

Welcome to Nutrition Advance.

This website provides evidence-based nutrition and health articles backed by the latest science.

The goal is health optimization through eating the right food and living a healthy lifestyle.

All articles on this website cite scientific peer-reviewed studies as evidence.

Wherever possible, this will be by referring to randomized, controlled trials and systematic reviews.

These are considered the “gold standard” of science, and they are generally the most trustworthy.

Here’s what you can expect:

Fully independent articles - no industry ties and no sponsorship.

All articles fully reference scientific studies.

The right mix of evidence alongside actionable information.

Simple language - no complex science or technical jargon.

Although the focus is mainly on nutrition, food, and dietary strategies, some articles venture into other important lifestyle factors.

After all, good health is about so much more than diet.

It’s not only the foods we eat but also the way we move, sleep and interact.

About Michael Joseph

michael-josephHi, I’m Michael.

I made this website because I wanted to create a resource that provides simple nutrition articles to help people make healthy choices in their daily lives.

In other words, no complex scientific words that you don’t understand!

I’m a nutrition educator with a Master’s degree in Nutrition Education, and a strong focus on health optimization through nutrition and overall lifestyle.

The Importance of Nutrition

One of the big problems in recent years is the huge changes in the way most of us eat.

Unfortunately, the quality of food most people are eating has fallen so far from what our great-grandparents ate.

Rather than eating good, honest homemade food, most of us now subsist on poor-quality processed foods, and eventually, this causes big problems.

Poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and chronic stress all play a big role in the poor health we can see all around us.

Despite this, we can live a happier, healthier life and grow old in good health if we just take care of ourselves a little more.

And that’s the objective; provide nutrition articles and health information to encourage healthier living.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this website may help you in some way.